Jon Carloftis Fine Gardens


Beautiful Gardens of Kentucky (SOLD OUT)


by Jon Carloftis
with photographs by Hirsheimer & Hamilton

Acclaimed garden designer Jon Carloftis prides himself on his Kentucky roots and believes that the Bluegrass state is home to some of the most enchanting and inspired gardens in the world. Here he has teamed up with photographers and publishers Christopher Hirsheimer and Melissa Hamilton to create an indelible portrait of twenty-one private and public outdoor spaces in Kentucky. Some are urban, others suburban or rural, and the designs—some of which are Carloftis’ own—are as distinguished as they are seductive. From Henry Clay’s historic Ashland estate to the Graddy family’s quintessential Kentucky farmstead, Welcome Hall, Hirsheimer and Hamilton’s lush, evocative photos brilliantly capture the beauty and tranquility of these landscapes and will leave you feeling as if you’re literally walking through them yourself.

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With his Kentuckian charm and keen eye for detail, Carloftis vividly tells the story of each garden and introduces you to the people who brought them to life—people like Lois Anne Polan, a fellow garden designer who created a garden so verdant and dense, it literally stops traffic, and Dede McGehee, an equine veterinarian whose peachy-pink Queen Anne Victorian-style home provides the perfect backdrop to her numerous large, colorful gardens.

Several of the gardeners profiled here are ardent preservationists, others just wanted to put a little greenery and serenity into their busy lives. With passion and ingenuity, they have cultivated some of the most appealing gardens to be found anywhere. Along the way, they have come up with scores of ideas and solutions that can be helpful to other gardeners, and in showcasing these remarkable properties, Carloftis hopes that readers will be inspired to create their own wonderful and highly personal outdoor spaces, too.

Beyond the Windowsill


Interior designs by Jon Carloftis
with photographs by Helen Norman

In Beyond the Windowsill, premier garden designer Jon Carloftis steps indoors a bit from the rooftops of New York and around the United States to offer us a unique look at the many ways indoor plants transform even the nicest house into a home. This 192 page book features more than 100 color photos of beautiful home interiors (both traditional and contemporary) made even more beautiful by the introduction of the right plant - giving the room added color, interest, and above all life and warmth. With planning, indoor plants can satisfy a secondary purpose. Connect the inside of your home with the outdoors, provide privacy, change or enhance the existing mood of a room, showcase an attractive view, block an unattractive one these are just a few.

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With planning, indoor plants can satisfy a secondary purpose. Connect the inside of your home with the outdoors, provide privacy, change or enhance the existing mood of a room, showcase an attractive view, block an unattractive one these are just a few.

Given no two rooms are exactly alike in structure, physical characteristics, decor or intended use the right plant will differ from room to room. Regardless of the room challenge, Jon's easy-to-follow, six step approach results in the introduction of the right plant choice and a beautiful room every time.

As the title of this book suggests, plants are intended to be an integral part of your interior design throughout your home, not just along your homes windowsills. Every plant can be described as either a low-light, medium-light, or high-light lover. In Beyond the Windowsill, Jon provides plant portraits of his top twenty favorite indoor plants in each category, each profile providing plant care specifics and growing tips, plant history and trivia, and Jon's interior design tips. Each winning specimen passed Jon's four-point test based on appearance, ease of care, availability and affordability.

Celebrate the seasons using living centerpieces and specialty plants. In Beyond the Windowsill, Jon leaves no member of the family out of the fun. His many decorating ideas will reacquaint the children of all ages in your home to the wonders of living plants.

Only a health plant makes a perfect room. Towards that end, Jon provides simple to understand plant preparation and care basics. Find answers to some of the most frequently asked plant questions. His responses are sure to make you laugh.

Whether you are an indoor plant nay-sayer who can recall only a clutter of neglected plants lined up along available windowsills and glass doors; a non-plant enthusiast who, despite your disposition, realize a beautiful orchid can change a whole room; a practical beginner who wants an introduction to indoor plants and instructions to ensure first-time success; or an experienced horticulturist or gardener who is already passionate about plant life this book will provide you with ideas to liven-up your home.

First A Garden (out of print)


In First a Garden, premier garden designer Jon Carloftis takes us on a pictorial journey through some of the finest of the gardens that make up his impressive body of work. In this stunningly beautiful book Jon allows us the rare glimpse into the gardens of some of Manhattan's most prestigious addresses. We travel along as if witnessing the Hanging Gardens of Babylon, for these remarkable private retreats flourish high atop the buildings that make up the New York skyline. They are a testament to the conviction and genius of Jon Carloftis, whose inspired vision has been brought to fruition in the gardens of the Estee Lauder family, actors Julianne Moore and Edward Norton Jr.

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As the title suggests, every formidable accomplishment has a beginning. In First a Garden we are invited to Rockcastle County, Kentucky, Jon's boyhood home where the story of his intimate relationship with nature began. We are given a personal tour of the pastoral gardens that Jon designed along the banks of the Rockcastle River upon the lands of the homestead that his family has inhabited for a half of a century. And finally we are given privileged access into the gardens of Jon's own private retreat in Bucks County, Pennsylvania.

This 128 page book featuring over 175 color photos is an inspirational expose exquisitely portrayed through the discerning lens of the highly regarded New York photographer, Helen Norman. Helen's love of beauty combined with Jon's talent for creating it, are a magical combination. And whether one is an avid gardener or an admirer of all things beautiful, those who chose to walks through its pages are the beneficiaries of this great partnership.