Jon Carloftis Fine Gardens


Crocks come in these 3 sizes:

small - 4.25” x 4.5”, medium - 6” x 6” and large crock 6.75” x 7”

The Jon Carloftis Collection of Birdhouses

Jon Carloftis is pleased to collaborate with Louisville Stoneware (founded in 1815) to debut a line of functional artwork for the garden. Louisville Stoneware uses centuries-old ceramic techniques to create this very unique birdhouse collection that is responsible as well frost proof so as to be kept out year round. Jon has been using nature's paintbox for years, bringing color and life to homes from his native Kentucky to the rooftops and terraces of New York penthouses and beyond. With the Carloftis Collection, he has taken the same inspiration that has made him a household name in the garden world and has created pieces that are symbolic of his most cherished memories.

Each piece in Jon's collection is made from natural stoneware clay up to 250 million years old and harvested from deposits in Kentucky and Indiana. From these raw beginnings to an exquisite finish, no fewer than twenty pairs of artisan hands touch each piece. Look for the Jon Carlofits Collection symbol on the bottom of your next birdhouse.

Jon's collection was featured in Architectural Digest, Better Homes & Gardens, Design NJ, Southern Living, and The Herb Companion.