Garden Great #5

as featured in Renovation Style | From the Ground Up | June/July 2004


From the Ground Up

This gorgeous garden is located in Bedminster, New Jersey and belongs to my dear friend Kip Forbes. Because of the huge population of deer Kip wanted to put up a chain link fence (very practical!) but then planted Privet over it… you would never know its there!


“It’s a peaceful place to sit and smell the flowers.”

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Cordylena® Jade 
Madagascar Dragon Tree


Dolce® Cinnamon Curls™ 
Coral Bells


Golden Ticket® 
x vicaryi

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Garden Great #4

as featured in Better Homes and Gardens – Garden Rooms | Summer 2006


A Playhouse for Grown-ups

Here’s a little outbuilding at our wonderful friends’ in Lexington, Kentucky which turned into something much more when we made it into a garden extra bedroom and revamped the garden… and recently we just revamped it yet again to simply it. Gardens are always changing…


“All my guests call it ‘the little garden house’ and they want to go out there… It’s so cozy.”

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Sweet Caroline Light Green

Sweet Caroline Light Green
Sweet Potato Vine


Summerific® ‘Summer Storm’ 
Rose Mallow


Pinky Winky® 
Hardy Hydrangea

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Did you catch us on LEX18 News Today? Ann Evans, from Kentucky Governor’s Mansion, and I were there to tell the nice folks all about the upcoming LIFE+STYLE Series. Check it out! Keeneland tickets are going pretty fast now…try to order online soon so you can be a part of this really fun event! Here’s more info



Garden Great #3

as featured in Martha Stewart Living | March 2006


Southern Charm

Martha Stewart’s folks spent a whole week here at my Bucks County farmhouse… we brought Kentucky to Martha Stewart Living for this featured article “Southern Charm”.

MSLiving-March2006 Collage

“I want everyone to feel special.
That’s what my family is all about.”

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Superbells® Dreamsicle 

Sweet Lullaby
Spike Speedwell

Little Henry
Little Henry® 

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LS-collage-1-3 LS-collage-2-3




Although our main focus has been gardens for the past 25 years, anyone who has come into contact with Jon Carloftis Fine Gardens knows that we are as equally enthusiastic about dogs, delicious food, vintage cars, entertaining inside and outs, bourbon, music, antiques, architecture… the list keeps growing as we meet new people and visit more places. This is what makes life in the garden rich and exciting.

Jon Carloftis Fine Gardens is partnering with our favorite source for plant material, Proven Winners® – the # 1 plant brand – to produce four fun and educational LIFE+STYLE events. Each will be held at an iconic, historic Kentucky venue featuring some of the best lifestyle experts chosen to improve your time in the garden. And, of course, there will be amazing food, drink and the chance to meet others who share the same passion.

This is not your grandparent’s garden lecture… it’s about a new lifestyle in today’s gardens. Tickets are a bargain for all that you get. And seating is limited. So order tickets TODAY for one or all of the events scheduled throughout the garden season. Bring a date… tickets are perfect for birthday/ anniversary celebrations and office outings. Buy a table and get ready to have a great time!

Want to make a weekend out of your trip to Kentucky? Join us the night before each event for a special cocktail party, three of which we will host at our historic home and gardens, Botherum. For information on where to stay, where to eat and what else to see while here in the Bluegrass state, please contact visitLex at 800.848-1224 or

For event sponsorship opportunities, contact Crow Street (Britt Pennington) at 859.240-1112.

Look forward to seeing you in the garden,

Jon Carloftis

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Despite a terrible 2013 | 2014 winter in both New York and in Kentucky, the majority of our gardens… both new and old… faired fairly well in 2014. As I’m looking out of my kitchen window at our home and office at historic Botherum in Lexington, Kentucky, I’m hoping for the same good fortune. Right now, we are covered in a foot of snow. It’s hard to believe spring is right around the corner. While we wait for this second big snow to thaw, I’m reviewing photos of gardens we designed, installed, and carried for this past year. I’m hoping you too will enjoy this trip down memory lane.

Stay warm



Garden Great #2

Garden Design | March 2010


Homegrown with Style

If you want to splurge, I can’t think of anything more luxurious than having a greenhouse to escape the winter doldrums. We love working with the Hartley Botanic from England for several of our clients.


“…a greenhouse is as common to an English home as a garage is here.” 

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Supertunia® Raspberry Blast®

Tuscan Sun
Tuscan Sun
Perennial Sunflower

Lo & Behold® ‘Blue Chip’
Butterfly Bush
Buddleia hybrid

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Plant Your Wagon: Give your garden rustic charm by planting vintage wheelbarrows and wagons with eye-catching color (pages 114-121): Roll retired garden gear out of your garage and shed and into the spotlight as clever containers. Our wagons and wheelbarrows stole the show when piled high with the right combinations of beautiful plantings. Don’t worry about applying a coat of paint to breathe fresh life into your cast-off haulers. All it takes is an eye for color and a passion for plants. …read full article

Learn more about other great container | Proven Winners plant combinations during the Cincinnati Home and Garden Show starting this Saturday, February 28, 2015. I will be giving three talks during the day. And afterwards, come visit me at our Rockcastle River Trading Company center booth for a bit more garden advice and good shopping for your home and garden.


JCFG covers Collage


In the coming year, we are pleased to reintroduce you to 52 (one every week) of Jon Carloftis Fine Gardens’ BEST garden and lifestyle features in our favorite national and Kentucky magazines. There is no better time to start this series than in February when you are tired of the winter cold and longing for the announcement of Spring and the gardening season. We hope you enjoy reading these fantastic articles, as well share them with your family and friends.

Each week, look for three of Jon’s Proven Winners® Plant Favorites (annual, perennial, and shrub) perfect for your own garden.


Garden Great #1

as featured in Garden Structures


Rustic Gazebos

We built this arbor from Kentucky-grown cedar trees (Juniperus virginiana) and it was the centerpiece of the last-ever New York Flower Show. After the show, it moved to it’s new home in Lexington, Kentucky and it is the focal point in this small back yard.

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“… everyone acquires character by getting
a little rough around the edges.”

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Marguerite Daisy
Vanilla Butterfly®
Marguerite Daisy
Argyranthemum frutescens

Crimson Curls
Crimson Curls
Coral Bells
Heuchera hybrid

Smooth Hydrangea
Hydrangea arborescens 

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When visiting this beautiful, pristine farm in Bourbon County, Kentucky (how could you not love this place with a name like that?) little Gertrude, our seven month old labrador, ran away into a fenced area to start communicating with the young calves. She would not return. Suddenly I had flashbacks of growing up with big bulls chasing my friends and I up a tree in the fields. But, much to my amazement, they replied back, along with a kiss from the most affectionate calf. It was very sweet to watch. Like a flock of birds, the calves moved together to follow Gertie’s next move. Animal Planet in real time…